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Izumi Sagiri (Izumi Sagiri)


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Product Description “I don't know such an embarrassing name!” Three-dimensionalization of the withdrawal sister (junior high school student) “Izumi Sagiri”, who is active as an illustrator from Dengeki Bunko's popular work “Eromanga Sensei” . Wearing a familiar jersey, she is shy but has a cute angry facial expression, an introverted item that conveys her feelings of “I want to convey my feelings”. The figure that pulls the hem to hide even the legs that stretched smoothly from the bottom of the jersey also enhances the cuteness. The base is the image of a cushion in the room. "Figure," "green array," and "heart cushion" are all handy, so you can place them wherever you like. Please enjoy "The Cutest Sister in the World" at hand! * This product is remanufactured. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.