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DC COMICS Pretty Batwoman 2nd Edition


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Product Description Live action drama version, airing this fall in the US! The start of the TV drama has been decided, and Batwoman, who has gained more attention, has reappeared in the BISHOUJO series! By changing the painting from the first production, changing the painting of the body suit to metallic, and changing the soft skin that only exposed beauty with glossy painting to white like a pottery, her in the comic I made it closer to the image. The lips peeking from under the virgin bat mask are fascinating, and the vivid red and black contrasting costume that matches the characteristic long hair color that crawls with the cloak gives a realistic rubber texture with the heel expression born in various places I expressed it. As with the first production, a replacement head part with a bare face is included. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.