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Figure Product Description set up than "I am your sword, even if what hardship you will and Tsukishitagai also allo" TV animation "The Rising of the Shield Hero", hero-Naobumi Iwatani of the sword of the shield, "Rafutaria" is the sword dignified 3D! The armor and decorations that she chooses were carefully modeled and painted with the finest details. In addition to the pronoun sword, the “Orange Balloon” that Raphtalia steps on also focuses on the texture and enhances the world view. The texture of the tail and ears was also emphasized to enhance the character. In addition, two swords set by Raphtalia are included: a magic iron sword and a magic sword. You can have your favorite one. Please enjoy the details of the dignified figure she usually shows during battles. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.