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Sanos on Space Sloane Fine Art Statue


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Product Description The “FINE ART STATUE” series, which celebrates its 50th milestone, has been renewed to a higher spec than ever before. The MCU that was selected as the first renewal was again the “THANOS” lineup, which left an overwhelming and intense impression on the MCU. In addition, “THANOS with Space Throne” based on “THE INFINITY GAUNTLET”, which everyone knows, will appear. Infinity gauntlet with six colors of gems shining suspiciously, as well as his LED light emission, his inorganic and eerie look. The biggest focus of this time is the “eye”. The spectacular gimmick that keeps the eyes always glaring at the viewer, regardless of the angle, is lit by the precise “dots” made with microfiber LEDs. Even if you look at the illusion effect that occurs when you look at the face holding the viewer at a position slightly off the center line of the body sitting on Space Throne = "3D" and the eye that emits light at the point = "plane" There is no doubt that it feels suspicious and sometimes scary. These "eye" and "Infinity Gem" can be lighted with a button battery and a switch, with the head and gauntlet removed. Also pay attention to the redesigned package design. “FINE ART STATUE” is a new value that can only be experienced by those who have it. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. "Click here for Marvel's official website"