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Product Description ——I’m a firefighter too! It's a job not to be protected but to protect! The latest work of Atsushi Okubo, the original work that has exceeded 3 million copies. From the burning dark battle fantasy anime “Fire Force” currently on the air, the “Lucky Skeletoned” new firefighter “Kanko Kodachi” is three-dimensionalized in the “ARTFX J” series! It has an expression that allows you to feel the cuteness of Tamaki while having a serious atmosphere. In addition to the blue line of fireproof clothing that shines in the world of flames and smoke, smoke from the ground, the body line from the chest to the waist is a point that you should pay attention to. In addition, fluorescent paint is used for the blue line part of the fire protection clothing, and it is designed to emit light when illuminated with black light. A must-have definitive edition of “Fire Force”. Come and enjoy delicate modeling from various angles! If you line up with "ARTFX J MORI Kusakabe" which is developed from the same series, you can enjoy the world view of "Fire Force" even more. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.