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Product Description From the ARTFX PREMIER series, the second line has already started. This series focuses on female characters with the theme of “WOMAN of MARVEL”. While the elaborately modeled and painted faces and realistic costumes inherit the previous series, the greatest focus of this series is thorough pursuit of “beauty”. "Black Widow" is a lineup from this featured series. In this work, the makeup of the character is applied to the face below 3.5 □ to maximize the charm of the character, and the puddle that reproduces the toes of her feet is reproduced on the base of the image of the ruins. The second line of ARTFX PREMIER, which brings new value under the theme of “beauty”, is the best part of decorating the statue. Through the series, a high-class package is created with a new design for this series, and a serial number certificate that proves that it is the only one in the world is also included. Unprecedented sophistication enhances your collection. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product. [What is ARTFX PREMIER] "A real, beyond-" The highest label that pursues the limits of products to reach the extreme of character expression. This is a limited edition with a serial number that is available only to limited collectors worldwide. ▼ Special site for ARTFX PREMIER series ▼ “Click here for Marvel official website”