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Cu Posh Coss Kajuaru Parker Gure (Gure)


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Product Description A small costume for Kyuposh Saizu "Kyuposh Koss". This time, an item featuring the casual autumn theme! A soft fabric hoodie that can be worn when it gets a little cold, so it looks like a dove silhouette that is easy to wear for both boys and girls! Not only the skirt and trousers set that are released at the same time, but also matches the clothes currently on sale, so you can change to a variety of coordination ☆ The cupoche body is not included, so your cupoche will be "Kuposhkosu" Please decorate with cute. * This item is limited to the Kotobukiya Shop. * It is recommended to wear "Cuposh Extra Girls Body", "Kuposh Extra School Swimwear Body" and "Cupoche Friends" (sold separately). * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.