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Evil Eye


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Product Description “I think I'll have a girlish feeling for the first time in hundreds of years! "Original series total circulation of 8 million part breakthrough, of the popular TV anime" belong to Overlord"than Adamantium-class adventurers team" Roses of Blue, "" Uchinochibi's "it" Ibiruai "is the same adamant class adventurer Momon Nestled in the great sword that you use, three-dimensional in the situation of a maiden in love! ! In addition to the characteristic masks of Evil Eye, carefully crafted every single part such as cloaks, bracelets and chains. I was particular about the cloak and the expression of the hair, and I made it so that it would be a moving expression. The hem, bangles and chains of the cloak were weathered to make it feel like you've spent a long time with Evil Eye. The Great Sword that Ibiraye snuggles up to is recreated with a beautiful metallic blue in addition to the grip of the battle. Great sword that shines beautifully and mysteriously enhances the situation. In addition, the pedestal is an image of a pedestal that tells that there was a fierce battle. Please enjoy Evil Eye which is three-dimensionalized in the situation of a maiden in love at hand. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.