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ARTFX Everywhere IT Pennywise (1990)


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Product Description “Would you like to come over here?” The new ARTFX series is based on the theme of “Living in Fear”, our life as we move along with the horrors hidden in our lives. The first installment of the series is a motivated work named “everywhere IT” and three-dimensionalized the fear of Pennywise, the bizarre clown that appears everywhere in the 1990s, frozen the TV kids in fear. “It” can appear suddenly on the office desktop, be kept under the bed, or beside the TV stand. A pennywise statue is now born here with a sense of size that is just right for innocent people to say. Please love and have fun in your own way. The series is being prepared one after another on the theme of this “fear”! Fear will invade you for life… ※ The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.