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Cuposh Kos Fuku Box Fall 2019 (Cu Posh Kos Lucky Box Fall 2019)


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Product explanation> Click here for the special page of the lucky box. A total of 6 Cuposh Koss or Cuposh Extras are included! (Total of 16,000 yen (including tax) or equivalent) Enjoy what you have after opening ♪ [About sales details] Sales method: lottery sales payment method: credit card convenience store payment (cash on delivery is not available) ) Application limit: Up to 2 per person * Since "Cuposh Koss Fukuboxu 2019 Autumn" is a lottery for each product, even if you apply for 2 orders divided into 2 orders, you will be selected The probability does not change. Lottery reception period: 2019/10/3 (Thu)-2019/10/6 (Sun) 23:59 Winning announcement: 2019/10/7 (Mon) Payment period: 2019/10/8 (Tue)-2019/10 / 15 (Tue) 23:59 (Convenience store payment only) Scheduled shipment: 2019/10/23 (Wed) [Notes] ・ Lottery sales are accepted only at Kotobukiya Online Shop. There is no reception or sales at the actual store.・ If payment cannot be confirmed within the payment period, it will be cancelled. If there is no payment, there is a possibility that it will affect the result of the winning and the use of our shop after the next time.・ Simultaneous ordering and bundling with other products cannot be used.・ You cannot apply for "Cuposh Fukuboxu 2019 Fall" and "Cuposhkos Fukuboxu 2019 Autumn" together. Please apply separately.・ If you win more than one lucky box, you can purchase all the lucky boxes.・ Cannot be canceled or changed in quantity after application for any reason.・ If it is judged that there are multiple applications exceeding the application limit from the same person, the application will be canceled without notice.・ The contents of the lucky box will be random. Cannot be selected by the customer. In the case of multiple applications, there is a possibility that the enclosed product may be covered. We cannot accept returned or exchanged orders due to the enclosed contents. Please note.・ Each product has a different encapsulation rate.・ Products may be damaged or dirty on the package. Returns and exchanges due to damaged packages are not accepted. Please note.・ All enclosed products are Ashiya products. Products from other manufacturers are not included. -Purchase benefits and campaign benefits are not included with the enclosed products.