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ARTFX J 焦 Jiro Limited color edition (ARTFX J 焦 Jiro Limited color edition)


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Product Description You can definitely make a reservation within the reservation acceptance period from November 12 (Tue) to December 10 (Tue). After that, it will be closed as soon as the number of preparations is reached. * Even within the reservation acceptance period, as soon as the production for July is reached, it will change to "secondary reservation". The "secondary reservation" will be delivered in August. ~ "ARTFX J 焦 Jiro" has appeared as a limited edition of metallic color! -The original "3rd Popularity Vote Results Announced" color illustration has been changed to "red" for a part of the costume of "ARTFX J 轟 Shoro", and a special limited color Ver. With a metallic color added! The vibrant red and blue shine and the contrast of silver seen in key areas are very attractive. Not only the costume, but also a beautiful metallic color that gives the hair a glossy appearance, this product is very profound! Please enjoy premium items that you can enjoy different impressions from the usual “ARTFX J 焦”. * This product is limited to TOHO animation STORE & KOTOBUKIYA directly managed stores. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.