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Due to the popularity, “TRIGGER GIRLS ART BOOK”, which was immediately completed at Comic Market 91, will be sold in commemoration of Valentine ’s Day! This is a gorgeous book that includes top page illustrations drawn by illustrators of various genres, as well as illustrations drawn by TRIGGER animators! The cover is drawn by Hiroyuki Imaishi! Participating creators: magodesu (illustrator) / Yamatogawa (manga artist and illustrator) / Sere Inato (cartoon artist) / Shishi no Uta (cartoon artist) / hima: // KAWAGOE (illustrator and designer) / Moritaishi (manga artist) / Teriterio (Manga Artist) / TOKIYA SAKBA (Illustrator, Character Designer) / Anton Shik (Manga Artist) / Toshiyuki Sato (Animator) / Z Ton (Manga Artist / Character Designer) / Tomoe Sasamori (Manga Artist, Illustrator) / Shiraishi (Illustrator) ) / Sea of Igarashi (animator) / Rie Ishige (animator) / Masaru Sakamoto (animator) / Takeshi Hori (animator) / Shuhei Handa (animator) / Yusuke Yoshigaki (animator) / Hiroyuki Imaishi (director / animator) Titles omitted