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In order to commemorate the 5th anniversary of TRIGGER's establishment on August 22nd, it has been decided that it will be sold in limited quantities for the “Kill la Kill live video package” pre-sold at “TRIGGER NIGHT vol.3” and “Anime EXPO 2016” ! What is the “Kill la Kill RAW IN-BETWEEN FRAME” package? This is a new merchandise that is carefully selected by the TRIGGER staff and is randomly packaged in three “raw” videos drawn by the animator used as a material during the production of the TV anime series “Kill la Kill”. * Since all the videos are actually used in the main part, there is a limit to the number. * Sales information from the next time will be announced on the TRIGGER website and SNS at any time. * The image is a sample, so the contents of the product may differ from the actual product. Shipment schedule: Scheduled to ship sequentially from December 26