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Oniryuin Satsuki Shinki vermillion ver.


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* Up to 3 items can be sold per person. Orders that exceed the maximum number will be cancelled. There is no cloudiness on my imperial road! From the complete original animation "Kill la Kill" by Hiroyuki Imaishi x Kazuki Nakajima, the world's fastest three-dimensional figure wearing "Kiryuin Satsuki" wearing the robe "Purity"! Directing the world view with a pedestal that is shared with Giragira, a sword that shines brightly with black sword "Kizakaki". Enjoy Satsuki's ambition and preparation for fulfilling his ambition with his eyes! * Payment methods are cash on delivery, bank transfer for specified period, and credit card payment. * Please make sure to enter your order number when making a bank transfer. * Payment by credit card will be processed as soon as the planned shipment date is confirmed and informed, starting 2-3 weeks before the planned shipment date. * As stated in the User's Guide, we cannot accept cancellations after ordering, so please be careful when ordering. © TRIGGER / Kazuki Nakajima / Kill la Kill Production Committee