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Kill la Kill Blu-ray Volume 1 [Limited Edition]


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[Full production limited edition benefits] ■ Character design and sushi drawing new Digipack specifications * The three-sided back case and the Digipack are separate drawing illustrations. ■ Hiroyuki Sawano's newly recorded rearranged & remixed soundtrack CD BGM's vocal songs (5 songs) were newly recorded by Hiroyuki Sawano himself and recorded the rearranged & remixed instrumental ver. (10 songs in total) ■ Storyboard / Original Illustration Special Booklet OP & ED Storyboard and OP & ED, Episode 1 and Episode 2 are published (total 184 pages) [TRIGGER ONLINESHOP Exclusive Bonus] “Kill la Kill Blu-ray Volume 1 to Volume 9” TRIGGER ONLINESHOP Randomly present one live video used in the famous scene to customers who have purchased the whole volume at! * If you order stock items and reserved items at the same time, they will be delivered together with the last reserved item. * TRIGGER ONLINESHOP limited benefits are limited in number. * Please note that this benefit is not available if the entire volume is purchased outside of TRIGGER ONLINESHOP. * The limited bonus live video will be a separate original. I will put a good scene cut as a privilege. [Recording story] Episode 1 "If you have a spine like thistle" Episode 2 "I feel so annoying" [Audio commentary] Episode 1, Episode 2: Ami Koshimizu, Ryoka Kashiwagi, Kazuki Nakajima Japanese subtitles Video (Episode 2 and Episode 3) Non-credit ending video Web version preview video [Animation production] TRIGGER