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[Goods-Batch] Kuroko's Basketball Wachato! Trading Can Badge Vol.3


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* Reservation period-10/01 * Even during the reservation reception period, reception may be terminated as soon as the maximum number is reached. From “Kuroko's Basketball”, you can see the Trading Can Badge! Vol.3 is a lineup of characters from Yosen High School and Hiyama High School from “Wachat! Labast Collection”! ■ Lineup A. Murasakibara Atsushi B. Himuro Shinya C. Okamura Kenichi D. Fukui Kensuke E. Liu Wei F. Akashi Seijuro G. Hayama Kotaro H. Netakeya Eikichi I. Mitsuo J. Tsuji Chihiro Size: φ Approximately 56mm Material: All 10 types of aluminum 1 box 10 pieces * Box sales only. Publisher: Ensky Corporation Word: Black Bus