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[Goods-Cosmetics] Detective Conan Teak Brush Toru Amuro (Kumano Makeup Brush)


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* Reservation period-09/04 * Even during the reservation reception period, the reception may end as soon as the maximum number is reached. From “Detective Conan” comes the teak brush. The name of "Detective Conan" in English and the name of Toru Amuro are printed in English in a handwritten style, and the English translation of "The truth is always one!" Kumano brushes are known as the “city of brushes” and are made using traditional techniques from Hiroshima Prefecture and Kumano Town. The tip of the brush is slightly pink, so it uses soft and soft goat hair. The raw hair is selected according to the purpose, and it is made by a manufacturing method that does not cut the hair tips at all, resulting in a soft, soft and natural finish. Size: Hair length approx.3.5cm Total length approx.11cm Material: Goat hair, Polyester Publisher: Almabianca