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[Goods-pillow] Dakimakura BODY silicon cotton 2000 * 550mm


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* Shipping fee is 1,000 yen nationwide. ◆ About handling product ◆ This product is outlet product. We do not accept inquiries regarding product conditions. ◆ About out-of-stock items ◆ We have sent product information after inventory confirmation, but because our products are limited in number, there may be a shortage of products that you ordered There is. If a shortage occurs, we will contact you by email to inform you that a shortage has occurred. ◆ About points ◆ Because of special sale products, it is not eligible for points. ■ Instructions will be delivered in a compressed state, so please use it after loosening the contents. Immediately after opening or if the cotton is skewed, dry it in the sun and soak it up with air. If you concentrate on one place and apply force, the batting may be biased. ■ Specification fabric: 1way smooth knit PE100% Contents: Silicone cotton 2000g ■ Handling precautions ・ Please note that the batting may be biased if it is strongly gripped or twisted.・ If the padding is biased, loosen it with your hands from the outside to adjust the shape.・ Don't wash with water due to product specifications.・ If you are worried about dirt, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth and dry it in a well-ventilated place. Washing picture display Washable mark + Do not dry clean mark