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[Goods-Perfume] Primaniax Bungo and Alchemist Fragrance 2nd 10. Fujimura Shimazaki


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The scent of a flower drifting around in the breeze of gently blowing your cheeks. Just like the samurai that was gently laid down, it sank into the darkness before dawn without sound. From the top note of the faintly sweet narcissus (freesia) to the innocent middle note that feels a little of Suzuran, and the last note of the cypress that calms you down. A fantastic fragrance that invites you to the shadows and forgets the time. TOP: Bergamot, Lemon, Freesia MIDDLE: Jasmine, Lily, Muguet, Marine, Lavender LAST: Musk, Amber, Hinoki, Woody Product size: 86mm × 55mm × 29mm Contents: 30ml Ingredients: Ethanol, fragrance, coloring Note for Japan: Actual product colors and colors may differ. please note that. Publisher: Masameya Co., Ltd.