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[Goods-Perfume] Primaniax Private Tutor Hitman REBORN! Fragrance Yuya Hibari


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A clean, fragrant fragrance that rips through the emptiness. A soothing and soothing feeling of tension rises straight with a faint sweetness and makes you feel the strength of his core that no one can succumb to. A dignified fragrance with a clear fragrance reminiscent of the eyes that are moving forward without hesitation. TOP: Lemon, Bergamot, GreenTea MIDDLE: Jasmine, Rose, Lilac, Narcissus, ClarySage, Fennel, Freesia, Juniperberry LAST: Musk, Woody, Amber, Raspberry, Peach Product size: 86mm × 55mm × 29mm Contents: 30ml , Fragrances, colorings Country of origin: Japan Note: Colors may differ from actual products. please note that. Publisher: Masameya Co., Ltd. Related Words: Reborn