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[Goods-Perfume] Primaniax Yowamushi Yowamushi Pedal 4th Season Fragrance Kashiwagi Kazuma


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The oranges and limes are refreshingly scented to make you laugh with confidence. Concentrating on the consciousness, when the disengaged gear just “enters”, spices like spears inspire themselves, which accelerates beyond everything. A refreshing and fresh scent that runs unrelentingly while encouraging that passion that no one can lose. TOP: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Orange MIDDLE: Jasmine, LeafyGreen, Rose, Lavender, Marine, Clove LAST: Musk, Amber, Woody, Raspberry Product size: 86mm × 55mm × 29mm Contents: 30ml Country of origin: Japan Note: Color may differ from actual product. please note that. Publisher: Masameya Inc. Related Words: Weak Peda