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[Goods-Food] Ichiban Cafe THE IDOLM@STER SideM Happy Birthday! Winter ver. Himeno Kanon


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* Reservation period-09/25 * Even during the reservation reception period, reception may be terminated as soon as the maximum number is reached. THE IDOLM@STER SideM to celebrate the birthday of your responsible idol of "most cafes THE IDOLM@STER SideM Happy Birthday!" Series appeared! 4th "best cafe THE IDOLM@STER SideM Happy Birthday! Winter ver." In 1 and 2・ The lineup includes idols born in March! The product includes a birthday card that celebrates the birthday of your idol, and a birthday design for all items ☆ Can badges and acrylic badges that you can wear and wear together with your usual sales activities Acrylic stand set is a cute design of birthday cake and SideMini, and SideMini is a charm. Acrylic badges can also be set on the base of an acrylic stand set, so it will be a good item set to decorate and wear ☆ A tea bag that can take a break is also included as a set, birthday cake Please enjoy together and sales together. The products of the four idols born in February, Shinji Takagi, Kanon Himeno, Hokuto Ishuin, Teru Tenmichi will be shipped sequentially from the end of January. <Set contents> ・ One birthday card ・ One acrylic stand ・ One acrylic badge ・ One can badge ・ One tea bag Size: ・ Birthday card approx. H14.8 × 10cm ・ Acrylic stand charm approx. H5.5cm x approx. 3.5cm * Size varies depending on the idol Pedestal Approx.H4.5cm x Approx.8.5cm ・ Acrylic badge Approx.H8cm x Approx.7.5cm * Size may vary depending on the idol ・ Can badge diameter 5.5cm Material: Acrylic ・ Birth card: Paper ・Acrylic Stand: Acrylic Resin / Iron / Acrylic Badge: Acrylic Resin / Iron / MABS / Can Badge: Iron / PP * Discontinued once the planned number is reached. ※ This item may be delivered after the date of release. Please note. * This item cannot be canceled or returned. * Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. Publisher: BANDAI SPIRTIS, Inc. Related Words: M-Mass / Sai-Mass / Imus