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[Goods-Stand Pop] Bungo Stray Dogs Acrylic Card Stand Yodogawa


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* Reservation period-2018/12/13 * Even during the reservation reception period, the reception may end as soon as the maximum number is reached. New product using deformed illustrations drawn by Bonds. Although it is a product sold at AGF2018, we will respond to customer feedback and conduct additional manufacturing and subsequent sales. A little character on the card stand is very cute looking into the cards and photos! Cards of the same characters are also included. You can collect and arrange multiple characters and change the cards inside as you like. Four types of deployments: Nakajima, Dazai, Yodogawa, Nakahara Size stand: Approx. 130 mm x Approx. 150 mm Card: Approx. 100 mm x Approx. 148 mm Material body: Acrylic card: Paper Publisher: Tokyo Otaku Mode