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[Goods-Strap] Fate / EXTELLA LINK Carl Emperor Acrylic Tsumamare Strap


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* Reservation period-11/02 * Even during the reservation reception period, reception may be terminated as soon as the maximum number is reached. Pick up your favorite masters and servants!-Acrylic straps with cute deformed characters that make "Reaction when pinched" fun.・ It is a unique design that looks like your favorite character is pinched to you by holding it with your finger. -With earphone jack parts that can be attached to mobile devices (removable). * Please enjoy it as an accessory when attached to the earphone jack. There is a possibility of falling when hanging mobile phones. * “Tsumamare” is a registered trademark of COSPA. Illustration: Kida Yu Size: 60mm Material: Acrylic Publisher: COSPA Corporation