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Zombie Land Saga Ai Mizuno 1/7 Scale Figure-MAPPA online shop


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From the popular TV anime “Zombie Land Saga”, “Ai Mizuno” has become a scale figure! Based on the key visuals of the first stage of anime, the poses and proportions are finely adjusted for the figure under the thorough supervision of the animation production company MAPPA! The cute idol costumes carefully reproduced the Argyle pattern and the complicated pannier's shape. Short hair that flutters in the wind, flower earrings with charm points… The skirt and pose of the fluffy skirt looked like a dance scene. Please wear her idol costume and see her on stage again. [Size] Approx. 226mm (including top / pedestal) [Material] PVC, ABS [Copyright] © Zombie Land Saga Production Committee * Delivery time may change depending on production status. Thank you for your understanding. * Cancellation cannot be accepted even if the delivery date is changed. * Photos may differ slightly from the actual product. * Order period and reservation acceptance period are subject to change without notice. Even within the period, it may end early. * Payment method is credit card only. The price will be deducted within one week from your order. The actual withdrawal time varies depending on the credit card company. For details, please contact the credit card company directly. * Cancellations cannot be accepted after the order is confirmed.