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Once Blu-ray Volume 1 To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts <Limited Edition> -MAPPA online shop


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That person, God or Beast? The latest work by animation studio MAPPA, finally Blu-ray! Full of benefits such as premier screening talk talks and studio MAPPA infiltration interviews with a gorgeous cast! <First limited edition specification> ・ Character design ・ Daisuke Shinuma Newly drawn outer case [Char] ・ Original soundtrack CD by Yorihiro Ike ・ Video bonus ・ You can enjoy the main video anywhere! Sumapura Movie PIN Code <First Limited Edition Bonus> ・ Completion Show Screening Cast Cast Talk Show Daytime Participation (Katsuyuki Konishi / Ai Katsuki / Junichi Nakamura / Kaito Ishikawa / Yoko Higasa / Kana Ichinose / Hiroki Yasumoto / Daisuke Hirakawa / Shinnosuke Tachibana / Yuuki Uchiyama / Jun Fukuyama / Saori Hayami / Tatsuo Suzuki / Tomokazu Sugita) ・ Non-credit OP / ED ・ Key animation movie collection vol.1 <Recorded episodes> Specifications and benefits are subject to change without prior notice. <MAPPA ONLINE SHOP Limited Bonus> ・ Shinjimi design supervision Takayuki Sano Signed colored paper / Pseudogami soldier illustration card (1 sheet) MAPPA ONLINE SHOP limited bonus!