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Pitanui mode Fuwafuwa Nezumiponcho (Fuwafuwa Nezumiponcho)


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Description of item *:.. .: * 12th edition of Pitanui's clothes series "Pitanui mode" * :. .: * Introducing a clothing series where you can enjoy the cuteness of your outfit. The very popular “Poncho” is back in a new outfit! The cold pastel color and the material match, making the finish more cute from the previous poncho. Cats, bears, mice, which animals do you choose? Make sure you change your clothes every day according to your feelings ♪ Wear them as they are, add your own arrangements, or dress them cutely to make your life even more bright. *: ゜ ☆ What is Pitanui ... A stuffed toy mascot that snuggles with Pitta. If you pinch your back, your arms will open and you will hug everything! If you change the direction of your face, you can choose a place where you can stick. Spend a wonderful time with the cute “Pitainui” ☆ * Pitainui is not included in the product. * Some of Pitanui characters may not be worn. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.