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Time is Sengoku. The lord of the kingdom of kingdom, Jeju, demanded the prosperity of the territory for the twelve demon statues at a temple. In exchange for that, the inheritance of Jeju is lacking in the body, and it is washed away into the river as an atonement and discarded. As time passed, Onigami fulfilled his promise with Kagemitsu, and Heian came to the country. One day, a young bandit called Dororo meets a man. Is it a demon or a person?-A man with a whole body that puts a sword in both arms, Hyakukimaru, was looking at the monster that hits with his invisible eyes. Specifications: 2 Discs (Episode 1 to Episode 12 + Bonus Video) * Package specification character design, Satoshi Iwabuchi newly drawn illustration jacket * Video Bonus / PV 1st-3rd / Special Documentary Video: Part 1 (Scheduled 50 minutes) ・ Soul Beat Conversation “Director Kazuhiro Furuhashi × Series Calibration Reiko Kobayashi” ・ Soul Beat Conversation “Character Design Satoshi Iwabuchi × Character Original Hiroyuki Asada” ・ Soul Beat Interview “Planning / Produce Koji Yamamoto” Documentary “Soul Moves” ※ Enclosed Bonus ・ Dororo Special Booklet (with storyboard) ・ TV Anime x Stage “Dororo” Special Event Anime Special Advance Purchase Lottery Ticket Dororo © Tatetsu Production / Twin Engine Subject to change. * Whole volume purchase privilege: Distribution of 5 types of postcards has ended.