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Trading Acrylic Stand Tales of Friends (Trading Acrylic Stand Tales of Friends)


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Product Description Acrylic stands from the “Tales of Friends” series ☆ The characters of the “Tales of” series, which were cutely deformed by Illustrator Sakurai, have become acrylic stands. The appearance of wearing the "Onsen" sub-event title costume and swimsuit that are familiar to the series is summery and cute! In addition, the sand character-like name of the pedestal and the colored flowers inspired by the characters also create an atmosphere ♪ And "Resort King" Jade and "Baby Oyaji" Raven are drawn by Illustrator Sakurai. Jade's glasses that are cloudy at the time of "Resort King" costumes are also faithfully reproduced! The size is about 7cm. If you put it in the attached stand, you can decorate it as it is. * This is a pre-sale product for the “Tales of Festival 2019” venue. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.