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Pitanui Shinmon Benimaru (Shinmon Benimaru)


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Product Description From the scorching dark battle fantasy anime “Fire Force” comes a stuffed toy mascot that snuggles with “Pitta”! The latest work of Atsushi Okubo, the original work that has exceeded 3 million copies. The “Fire Force” character currently on air is now available in the “Pitanui” series! The lineup includes all three types: Mori Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle, and Shinmon Benimaru. Because it is an affordable size with an overall height of about 15cm, you can choose anywhere to carry it. Comes with a ball chain so you can decorate it or attach it to your bag! What is Pitanui ... A stuffed toy mascot that snuggles up with "Pitat" between Gutto. If you pinch your back, your arms will open and you will hug everything! If you change the direction of your face, you can choose a place where you can stick. Spend a wonderful time with the cute “Pitainui” guys ☆ * Images are under development. Different from the actual product.