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[Limited production] "Frame Arms Girl~ Kyakkyau Fufuna Wonderland ~" Blu-ray (with limited plastic model kit [anime version Innocentia])


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Product Description Blu-ray of "Frame Arms Girl-Kyakky Fufuna Wonderland-" which was released at the national theater from June 29, 2019 and received a favorable reception is a limited plastic model kit [anime version Innocentia] and a reduced version Released in a luxurious version with pamphlet and AR script! [Product specifications] Character design draft, illustration jacket drawn by Fumikane Shimada [Enclosed benefits]-Plastic model "Innocentia anime version" «Plastic model specification» ◆ Anime version molding color specification (waist painted) ◆ Pre-painted facial expression parts of anime version design Comes with 3 types ("face-to-face smile", "left-facing tongue" and "right-facing smile") * Includes special molded color "MSG Weapon Unit Water Arms"-"Frame Arms Girl-Kyakky Fufuna Wonderland-" Reprinted pamphlet, “Frame Arms Girl-Kykya Fufuna Wonderland-” Reprinted version of AR script [Video bonus] Trailer collection [Audio bonus] Staff audio commentary (Director Keiichiro Kawaguchi, Sato Iida Acoustic Director, Producer Sugiyama Sugiyama) [Specs] Blu-ray Disc: Single Disc 2 layers / Video: MPEG-4 AVC / 16: 9 Widescreen / 1080p High Definition / Audio: (1) Linear PCM 2ch Stereo, (2) DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch Surround [Synopsis] The contents of the box is ♡ Nikasara ♡ Private Wakaba Girls' High School, Materia-sensei suddenly began to mine thunder and "What is the contents of the box?" What is this world like? ! This is a story that looks back on memories with Frame Arms Girl. The TV anime broadcast and distributed in April 2017, based on a huge hit plastic model that surpassed 1.5 million units in total, has been fully screened and will be fully screened! The mysterious parcel delivered to high school girl Ao contained a completely autonomous small robot called “Kaminari” called Frame Arms Girl. Suirai is the latest prototype equipped with artificial ego and AS (artificial self). A strange and fun nichijou of mine and blue that collects battle data and learns emotions begins! [Staff] Original: Ashiya FA Girl Base design: Fumikane Shimada Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi Series composition: Deko Akao Character design Original draft: Fumikane Shimada Mechanic design: Takayuki Yanase Character design: Yusuke Kawamura CG director: Yuichi Goto (MONACA) Sho Ishibuchi (MONACA) Acoustic Director: Riki Iida Animation Production: ZEXCS / studio A-CAT Production: Ashiya / FAGirl Project Distribution: Pony Canyon [Cast] Gennai Ao: Higasa Yoko Toriaki: Kaho Narumi Stiletto : Ayase Yu Baselardo: Nagato Rika Materia Sisters: Yamazaki Eli Jinrai: Hiyama Minami Architect: Yamamura Hibiki Freswerk: Abe Sato Kazuki Takeko: Izawa Yoshinoumi Innocentia: Uchida Aya Different from the actual product.