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Trading Acrylic Charm "Blade of Demon Destruction" Creators ver.


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Product Description From the popular anime “Blade of Demon Destruction” appeared in the es series “Creators Series” ♪ Trading acrylic charms appeared The illustrator Hyogo Nosuke worked on the deformation. Characters that are reproduced with an attractive taste are a must-see! The size is about 9cm and I'm glad that I can enjoy the illustrations of attractive characters greatly ♪ It's a good item to wear or decorate. There are 8 types of character lineups: Xiamen Charujiro, Xiamen Yuzuko, Gazuma Yoshitsune, Sugadaira Inosuke, Kajioka Yoshinobu, Kimai Rage Miserable, Sugadaira Inosuke Face Ver, Suigo Jiro & Zentsu. Blind box specification. Fully complete with 1BOX. Please keep an eye out for the “Creators Series” presented by es series ☆ * Images are under development. Different from the actual product. * “ネ” + “爾” is the correct notation. * "辻" is indicated correctly by one point.