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ARTFX + Aquaman Super Powers Classics


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Product Description-Back to the 80s Let's strike again! If you made a vintage figure with a nostalgic taste with modern technology ... "Kotobukiya Super Powers Classics" series that realizes such If! Inspired by the action figures of superheroes from DC Comics in the 1980s, bold parts dividing lines that entered the arms and legs, and the “nostalgic” symbols such as the finished finish of the molded color are left behind, and the quality of modeling and finishing Is updated with "modern" technology of the ARTFX + series. An old and new retro figure was born. The sixth in the series is Aquaman, a submarine who conquers the Seven Seas! Three-dimensional original styles such as scale-shaped armor that covers his upper body and fins of arms and legs! In addition, a Neptune trident that can be attached to the figure is included. Together with the members on sale, let's form a classic-style Justice League at a low price! * This product is a pre-painted PVC product. It is not an action figure. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.