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ARTFX Green Lantern


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Product Description-Will is the strongest power in the universe, the light of green lanterns! Jim Lee's Green Lantern appears in the ARTFX series! -Jim Lee Design x Ei Matsumoto DC COMICS with the original dream tag The 5th installment of the Justice League ARTFX series! Heroes following Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash are green lanterns that change the power of indomitable will into light! A pedestal with the motif of the green lantern emblem while holding down the points such as the green mask that hides the identity and its eyes, the well-trained annual Jim Lee muscle, and the power ring characterized by his powerful thick silhouette So, it was made into a three-dimensional image of the figure emerging in outer space. This emblem part can be slid, and a green lantern emblem as if it were made of solid light emerges with Hull Jordan. Please welcome him with a strong will to release the long-awaited new movie “Green Lantern Core”. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.