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ARTFX flash


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Product Description-75th anniversary after running through. That flash became museum-style ARTFX. Kotobukiya will hold a live painting event at the Kotobukiya Akihabara Hall in conjunction with the treasure of the American comic world Jim Lee. Based on the art of “flash” drawn there, the plan to turn into a figure was finally realized! ! The master sculpture Mr. Eonaga Matsumoto, who also worked on the released "ARTFX Batman", "ARTFX Superman For Tomorrow" and "ARTFX Wonder Woman"! The dream tag of Jim & Konaga has been realized again. The distinctive eyes drawn by Jim Lee and the stylish muscle arrangement called "Jim Lee Muscle" by fans are fully reproduced. As a dignified dignity, a flash that has the power to match the DC Big 3 was born. Costume is NEW52! Previous simple and iconic costume shape and unchanging coloring, combined with pedestal parts with the logo logo on the chest as a motif, it is the best specification to line up in series. The popular drama version of Japan in the United States has also been decided to land in Japan, and welcome the flash figure that is expected to become a more popular character at high speed. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.