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ARTFX + Red Robin NEW52


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Product Description-The third commercialized series by fan voting! The Batman family's red piece bird flies in the dark night! -Third-generation Robin Tim Drake trained by Batman, three-dimensionalized in the "Red Robin" costume renewed in NEW52! The utility that wraps around the body, as well as his backpack and glider cape with his black and red coloring and the biggest feature booster, with his teen Titans as the main activity. Carefully modeled belt and pouch equipment. We will commercialize it in a fully armed version with a stick for stick art in its hand. The square pedestal with the attached series can be fixed at the desired position with the magnet on the sole of the figure. Add to the Batman Family Collection, which includes the now available ARTFX + series "Batman NEW52 Edition", "Nightwing NEW52", "Damien Robin", "Red Food NEW52", and "Alfred". * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.