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ARTFX + Black Adam NEW52


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Product Description-Back to Revenge! The revenge of thunder Black Adam! 〜 Kotobukiya's ARTFX + series that continues to make the DC Comics universe three-dimensional in an easy-to-collect size of 1/10 scale. The latest work is in the series of popular hits, Shazam's arc enemy (black enemy) that appears in "Justice League" magazine is attacking! The bloody Dirty Hero, Tess Adam, who once released the slaves of Egyptian Kandak, returned from another dimension to the present day to fulfill his revenge on the Wizard of Rock of Eternity. He clashes with Shazam, believing in his justice to free people from all rulers of the world. The black Adam is reproduced by posing the first appearance scene of anger drawn by Gary Frank. We reproduced the body with the power of the same gods as Shazam and the steep expression that burns with anger on a 1/10 scale. In addition, the hooded cape unique to the costume after re-launch is also reproduced. The square pedestal that is common to the series can be fixed at any position with the magnet on the sole of the figure. In addition to decorating this product alone, decorating it in combination with Shazam NEW52 and Justice League NEW52 members scheduled to be released in November will further expand the world view of the DC Universe Collection. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.