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ARTFX + Aquaman NEW52 edition


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Product Description-A man who controls seven seas! -The renewed DC Comics new universe, drawn by the signing artist Jim Lee, will release the Justice League NEW52, which will dominate the industry, as ARTFX +! ! In the fourth installment of the series, “Aquaman NEW52”, a master writer Jeff Jones, who has many storytelling fans, opens up the ocean! Super hero who is the king of the kings of the king of seven seas, and plays an active role in a tough body that far surpasses ordinary people who can withstand underwater pressure as well as underwater breathing and swim at a high speed of 1900km / h. With the magical power on the right hand, a trident frog "Trident of Neptune", the king's character wearing a scaly costume is three-dimensionalized. Seven Super Sevens (Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman) based on Jim Lee's original artwork when NEW52 was unveiled as Kotobukiya's original development for the first time ! Let alone decorate, you can reproduce the Justice League art mentioned above by collecting all! The scale is 1/10 size of ARTFX + unified scale and easy to decorate anywhere, and the pedestal is common to the series and adopts magnet fixed specification. Along with other ARTFX + series products on sale from Kotobukiya, it is possible to co-star dreams beyond genres. * This product is a remanufactured product. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.