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Cyber Fairy Aion Leine


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Product Description << Cyber World Guide-Navigator->> "Cyber Fairy Aion Leine" has appeared in the "Tony's Heroine Collection", a three-dimensional illustration based on the illustrations drawn by popular illustrator Tony! She is a fairy-style humanoid interface that lives in the cyber world, and guides people in various countries so that they don't get lost in the network space that rushes like waves. With her self-growing AI that accumulates information and experience, she will grow. The beautiful illustration that first appeared in the international poster of “Comic Market 88” in the summer of 2015, Mr. Utsuji, who has worked on many prototypes of Tony characters, has been attractively transformed into three-dimensional images without changing the illustrations. Small items such as the back and hair ornaments that cannot be read in the illustrations were reproduced with detailed modeling based on the settings drawn by Tony. The coloring reflects the costume material settings set in the interview, and the parts of the similar colors that differ in the material are expressed with different textures. In addition, the clear parts are used for the bag and visor as shown in the illustration, and the frost clear paint is applied to express the lightness of the hair. The design reminiscent of an electronic circuit pattern and the pedestal made up of all clear blue parts further enhance the figure's world view. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.