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Goro Hachihime Tony Ver. (From "Sengoku Taisen")


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Product Description << A blessing dragon blessing for those who aim for the world! >> From Sega ’s real-time card battle game “Sengoku Taisen”, which is set in the Sengoku period, which is popular at the game center, is the eldest daughter of Masamune Date. Commercialized based on the illustrations! Including the “Shining” series, lively facial expressions, beautiful proportions, characteristic costumes that leave the design of Japanese clothes in various places, and delicate accessories that have been applied to them, including Tony character prototypes The detail is finished with a lot of highlights, such as sleeves woven into the pose of static and the vibrancy of black hair. The sleeves and chest flower pattern, and the wrap around the waistband, reproduce the atmosphere of the illustration as it is by using a lot of tampo printing. The wing-shaped band decoration is made transparent by applying frost coating to the clear parts, and the costume body is painted with multiple types of mica, such as blue, red, and white, according to the color and texture of the fabric. By using properly, the effect of shining more beautifully by taking in light, and the cool aqua blue clear pedestal is also accented, depending on the direction of the light source that shines on the figure, it will be a gorgeous gem that slightly changes the appearance It is. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.