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Product Description “X-MEN MARVEL NOW!” Series 2nd! The up-and-coming writer Adi Granov, who continues concept art from the Avengers series, is served by Junnosuke Abe. Emma Frost, the superheroine who continues to play an active role with Cyclops as a powerful telepath, is the second installment of the X-MEN series, which further expands the collection of unified scale with this strongest tag! The latest costume is renewed to a style based on black worn by many of the X-MENs enrolled in the New Charles Xavier School, while leaving her skin exposed. In addition, posing is three-dimensionalized with a pose that activates the telepathy that is a mutant ability! Although it is 1/10 scale in size, pay attention to the beautifully arranged facial expression. In the future, based on the artwork drawn by Mr. Adi, we will continue to make three-dimensional selections of all-time best members who are not particular about the team. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.