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Product Description-"X-MEN MARVEL NOW!" Series 4th is a doctor, beast, beast! -The up-and-coming writer Adi Granoff works as concept art, and the prototype is handled by Junnosuke Abe. The fifth edition of the X-MEN series, where the collection of unified scales with this strongest tag expands further, is the brain of X-MEN, Beast! X-MEN Hank McCoy and Beast from the first "first class" have large limbs and high athletic ability like a beast as a mutant ability! The rich blue body hair is cut short and refreshingly sharp. He expressed a high level of intelligence that was hard to imagine from his appearance with a neat expression. Costumes designed to make the best use of their athletic skills are also precisely modeled up to the heel. The body covered with blue animal hair shines. In the future, based on the artwork drawn by Mr. Adi, we will be releasing all the best members of the all-time best that will not stick to our team! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.