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ARTFX + Batman & Robin 2 Pack


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Product Description Jim Lee x Frank Miller! The first figure of Batman & Robin created by All Star! What about combining this writer with this artist? "All-Star: Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder" was born with the tagging of Bungo Frank Miller and one of the greatest artists, Jim Lee. Three-dimensional hero Batman and Robin from this work depicting the fateful encounter of Batman and the first Robin and the struggle to leave a strong impression. Batman has been changed to a thick and large design with shorter ears and a distinctive symbol on the chest compared to the “BATMAN: HUSH” design. The massive figure that is leaning forward with a forward leaning posture is just a dark knight! Robin, on the other hand, is three-dimensional with a naughty pose that remains innocent. Please pay attention to the details of the scales such as the scale pants and the bat lang. The colorful costume contrasts with Batman. By arranging it, you can easily reproduce the combination play of the old dynamic duo. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.