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ARTFX + Visaro NEW52


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Product Description ~ RRR ... BIZARRO ... TRY. Rex Luther's Hidden Ball Experimental Visaro! -Villains gathered one after another in the popular ARTFX + NEW52! Series! The fourth is the story arc `` FOREVER EVIL '' where the hard development standing in a remote area due to the invasion from another world has attracted attention. Three-dimensional based on the art of Finch. His white skin texture, mohair-like hair on the top of the head, and a T-shirt with the S mark on the front and back are thoroughly reproduced. Adopting Superman's pairing pose with a wonderful expression that appeals something, the lower body wearing a replica of Superman's costume is metallic color finish. It also comes with a flower visa sent to Luther during the play. The scale is 1/10 size of the ARTFX + unified scale, and can be fixed at any position with the sole magnet on the metal base. In addition to the display with the heroes, the compatibility with the "ARTFX + Rex Luther NEW52" on sale is also outstanding! * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.