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ARTFX + Sinetro NEW52


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Product Description NEW52! Villan series developed in the ARTFX + series. The long-awaited third installment is Sinestro, the leader of the army that uses the power of the fear of yellow color with the greatest green lantern! A dignified facial expression with a mustache stored in red skin and its body tells that it is a warrior hero, and while showing off the yellow power ring attached to the left finger, the pose that shook his hand dynamically is Green Reminds me of being a mighty enemy standing in front of a lantern. The body has a yellow metallic paint and can be displayed side by side with the same-designed ARTFX + series green lantern. It is 1/10 size of the unified scale of the series, and it can be fixed in your favorite layout with a metal base and sole magnet. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.