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Cuposh Friends Bell -Belle-


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Product Description "Belle-Belle-" reappears from the Kyuposh "Original Character" series! “Cuposh” is a cute, pocket-sized, movable figure of characters that are 2.3 heads and bodies. A new friend of the Kyuposh series "Kyuposh Friends" is your only partner who always nestle up close. The second version of “Belle-”, which appears after “Anne-”, is a girl who isn't afraid to keep pace. Curious about various things! You might get lost if you take your eyes off ...? Let's accumulate small discoveries with Bell! [Set contents] ・ Moveable figure body ・ Tunic ・ Short pants ・ Hair ornament ・ Wrist set for replacement (span, grip hand, handle) ・ Exclusive base (supports sole magnet) ・ Set of movable prop (post, arm for prop, Extension parts (thin / thick))-Chuck bag for storage * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.