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Cuposh Extra Set (Baby Pink) (Baby Pink)


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Product Description Would you like to go with me? To various cities! “Cuposh” is a cute, pocket-sized, movable figure of characters that are 2.3 heads and bodies. The “Kuposh Extra” series expands the play of “Kuposh”. The fourth part is a set of parts that you can play by changing the characters to the “Travel” mode. A small “carry case” equipped with an opening and closing of the storage part and a telescopic gimmick of the handle, a cute “pouch” with a cat motif, a “camera” with a removable strap, and a “beret” with a ribbon Set. A wrist is also included to give the character a “camera”. The “Torable Set” is available in two colors: “Baby Pink” and “Pale Aqua”. "Cuposh" main body is not included in the product, so please play with your character ♪ [Set contents]-Carry bag-Pouch-Camera-Beret-Camera strap-Camera wrist * Cuposh main body is included I do not. * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.