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Cuposh Extra Anne's Kimagure Ponite Set (Anne's Kimagure Ponite Set)


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Product Description Because Otome Gokoro is Fukuzatsu! ! The “Cuposh Extra” series expands the play of the “Cuposh” series. The sixth part is a set of parts that you can play by changing the expression and hairstyle of “Cupoche Friends Anne-” according to the mood of the day. “Ponytail” is a ponytail that seems to be a little more active with the three different expressions of “Kirakira 顏”, “Unsatisfied” and “Wakya ゃ”. "Ribbon" and "Chou" can be exchanged at any time. Please note that the product does not include a Cuposh body. Set contents: ・ Three expression parts (brilliant face, dissatisfied face, wakia face) ・ Ponytail head set ・ Ribbon ・ Chou