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Cu-Poche Anko Dance Set (Miho Nishizumi & Yukari Akiyama)


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Product Description Everyone dances happily ♪ A cute figurine with a nice and fun pocket “Cu-Poche”. The movie version is a big hit! The production of the final chapter of the anime has been announced, and the future development will continue to be more enjoyable than "Girls & Panzer", "Miho Nishizumi" and "Yukari Akiyama" in full-body tights that performed anko dance will be limited to two sets Released. The anko head on the head is removable with a magnet. It is a little bit, but the body shape is different between the two. Let's ride the rhythm without embarrassment with "Kuposh anko dance set" that you can play easily ♪ [Accessories]-Anko head-Dedicated base (supports sole magnets)-Set of movable props (post, arm for prop, extension Parts (thin / thick))-Chuck bag for storage * All the above comes with 2 sets.-1 type each of facial parts (Miho "Guru Guru", Yukasato "Terere") * The image is an image under development. Different from the actual product.