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Cu-poche extra short-sleeved gym suit body (red) (red)


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Product Description Can you bend your waist? The limited color of “Short-sleeved gym clothes body” is “Red”! “Cuposh” is a cute, movable, pocket-sized figure of the characters who became 2.3. The new series “Cuposh Extra” expands the play of “Kuposh”. The second installment is a fun “short sleeve gym suit body” by changing the characters. "Red" is an event limited item related to the Kotobukiya shop and Kyuposh. There are joints in the movable part of the waist, and the range of poses such as sitting is expanded. Like the “Sukusui Body”, new joint parts are used for the ankle to improve the range of motion. You can also play with the included "Flag", "Baton" and "Fresh Green Pedestal". You can decorate with a small-sized doll as an element for changing the dress. There is no head attached to the product, so you can play with your “Cupoche”. ■ Product Contents ・ Short-sleeved gym clothes body (no head) ・ Replacement wrist (for flags and batons) ・ Flag (sticks and stickers) ・ Baton (blue) ・ Fresh green pedestals and props (supports sole magnets) It is an image under development. Different from the actual product.